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The Picture 'they' don't want you to see..


This photograph shows a 21 week pre-born baby grasping the finger of a surgeon performing in-utero surgery, to correct problems caused by the disease spina bifida.
It is conclusive proof that abortion destroys the life of a living human child.


Virtual Abortion "Clock"

current statistics for the
"Slaughter of the Innocents"
in the united states since 1973

Courtesy-Bob Enyart

U.S. Guilty of Contraceptive Imperialism

Read this analysis by Human Life International

Unborn Innocents

If you or a loved one has suffered the loss of a pre-born child, through
miscarriage, abortion, or medical complications: click here for assistance!

Follow the link below and read the personal story of someone
whose life has been forever changed by abortion.

 This text contains graphic references not suitable for young children.


God’s children are being put to death right here in Louisville. Tuesday through Saturday, at EMW abortion mill, babies are sacrificed on the altar of convenience. These babies need you to unite yourself with their pain, to pray on their behalf, and plead for their lives.
  •  Prayer Warriors are needed to stand outside the abortion mill as a witness of God’s love for all people. Prayers are needed for the abortionist, the abortion staff, and for the mothers and fathers of these innocent babies. Prayer warriors are also there in support of the sidewalk counselors who need spiritual support to approach these women who have come to kill their children.
  •  Sidewalk Counselors are needed to approach the mothers going in for an abortion, to plead with them, to tell them what will happen to their child during an abortion, and inform them of their own physical risks.
    Come and show your conviction for the sanctity of life one or two days a week. Please join us for an hour Tuesday through Saturday at EMW abortion mill located on Market Street between 1st and 2nd Streets at 7:00 A.M. If you like, bring your rosary, your bible, or helpful literature to share with the women entering the abortion mill.  Also, at noon every first Saturday of the month, prayer warriors meet at Norton and Jewish hospitals to pray for an end to the abortions which are taking place at these facilities.

    If you are unable to be there physically, please pray for these innocent infants and for the work going on outside the abortion mill where the babies are being killed.

    Some things in life are worth standing up for: won’t you join us?

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