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Christ Shining Through St. Martin's Windows


This guide will describe the 19 windows which may be viewed from the seating area of St. Martin’s Church (there are four additional windows portraying eight saints in the choir loft, which is not open to the public).  Of these, eight portray the Blessed Virgin Mary.  She is seen in the Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, Epiphany, Rosary, Presentation, Marriage of Joseph and Mary, and Crucifixion windows.  Interestingly, windows themselves have been seen as a metaphor for the Virgin Mary: the light from outside or above corresponds to God’s Spirit, and the window to Mary (since the window itself is not a source of light, but transmits the light that comes from God).

    At first glance, it may appear that Mary is honored in as many windows as is Jesus, her Divine Son.  The adult Christ is portrayed in the Last Supper, Blessing the Children, Crucifixion, and Sacred Heart windows.  He appears as the Holy Infant in the Nativity, Epiphany, Rosary, and Adoration of the Child Jesus windows.

    But in addition to these eight, Jesus could be said to be “hidden” in five others: He has been conceived and is in Mary’s womb in the windows depicting the Annunciation, Visitation, and Marriage of Joseph and Mary; He is “veiled in bread” in the Hosts which appear in the Last Supper and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament windows.

    The remaining six windows also feature Christ in some way.  He is imitated by St. Nicholas of Myra and St. Elizabeth of Hungary in their love for the poor.  St. Gregory the Great is the Pope, Christ’s Vicar on Earth.  St. Cecilia is His martyr-bride through her consecration to Him.  “Types and shadows” of Christ may be seen in the windows portraying the Presentation of Mary (the high priest), the Offering of Melchisedek (the priest-king), and Abraham’s Sacrifice (Isaac).

Look for Jesus in these windows.  Genuflect to Him in the Tabernacle. 
Adore Him in the Divine Mercy Chapel.  Take His peace and love home with you!
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